The District Detroit, Final CBA Meeting

Eden Bloom
2 min readFeb 22, 2023
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Final District Detroit CBA Meeting
Public Comment, Eden Bloom
The District Detroit Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC)
February 21, 2023

Often times I choose not to make public comment because I find that the Black excellence of those I organize with and the lived experience of Black residents speaks a kind of truth and wisdom that I cannot match.

That said, I’m compelled to speak something into the public record after witnessing another one of these charades. My name is Eden Bloom and I’m an east side D5 resident and I live with my family in the impact area of the Stellantis FCA CBA. Working with Detroit People’s Platform I’ve monitored nearly all of the CBA projects and this is the worst yet.

Those who have assembled here have given the NAC every tool needed to do something meaningful and different this time around. Those who have come before you have given you data points, astute analysis and cutting-edge policy that would make a difference and, that I am aware of, you have not picked them up.

We have asked you to take up measures that would protect, support, and maintain those who have suffered the most and the longest and you have found benefit in building monuments to what was; to the Black people who were here, deciding to somehow preserve Black culture while kicking Black people some find undesirable down the street.

While I believe the Community Benefits Ordinance we have in place is inferior to the one that Detroiters fought for and deserve, there is still some power in it. Those who have gathered here, made suggestions from their seats and wrote profound emails gave you everything you needed to wield that power in a way that could have made a difference. And here we are.

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